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How to choose aluminum plate


There are many specifications for the aluminum plate, including the panel width, thickness, heel height. Selection should be based on the characteristics of home bathroom selection. The aluminum plate is divided into two types: punching and flat. Surface punching can breathe sound absorption, buckle plate inside a layer of thin film cushion, moisture can be absorbed through the punching film, so it is most suitable for the use of more water and kitchen. 600mm × 600mm microporous square on the market, C150, C100 and 300 × 300,300 × 600 aluminum slab board is the most widely used.

Aluminum buckle board is good or bad is thin, the key lies in the texture of aluminum, aluminum alloy plate with a general project is 0.8 mm, or even thicker. Because of the quality of aluminum itself, manufacturers want to make aluminum plate is very thin but not impossible, because the aluminum is not good, the board is not very uniform way thin, so manufacturers can only do to the thick. Therefore, the identification of aluminum plate, in addition to pay attention to the surface finish, but also to observe the thickness of the board is uniform, pinch the board feel, flexibility and toughness is good.

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